How to repair a car dent using hair dryer using dry ice

car dent repair can be made simple as ABC. If your dent is small, no need to go for professional repair and spend money. You only seek the help of a professional if it is something unmanageable. Use the following steps to repair your car dent using a hair dryer and dry ice.

Materials required
• Dry ice
• Aluminum foil
• Masking tape
• Heavy-duty gloves which are insulated
• Hair dryer
Step 1: Heat the dented region: You have to do your best to ensure that you access both sides of the dent then heat the area using the hair dryer until the metal can be shaped.
Step 2: Place the aluminum foil over the dent: Take a piece of aluminum foil over the dent by using masking tape to ensure that it is held in place. It will protect you from damaging your paint job with the dry ice.
Step 3: Rubbing the dry ice: While wearing your heavy duty gloves to ensure that you are fully protected, take a block of ice and ensure you rub it across the aluminum foil until there is popping, which normally happens under one minute.
Step 4: Do the cleanup: Get rid of the aluminum foil and dispose of it

While the majority of people understand how to use a hair dryer to make the metal that is dented to be soft enough for reshaping, the purpose of utilizing dry ice might not be understood easily. The dry ice is extremely cold, so when your hair dryer makes the metal warm enough for the expansion, the abrupt drop in the temperature then causes it to contract, taking its original shape.
If, after using the above hair dryer dent removal method, your car depression or ding lessens in its severity but has not entirely regained its shape, you can keep on repeating the process. When repeating the method, you have to wait at least a day in between the repeats.

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