Service Dog Letter To Travel With Loyal Assistant

In thisfast and furious world, every individual is running the rat race day and night to get better opportunities. Never know who smiles at your face and stabs at your back. It becomes very difficult to find true friends who will be loyal from the bottom of the heart. Some of the domestic animals are truly loyal and genuine to their master. When loyalty matters, the first animal name that came to mind is that of a “dog”. And to take them as your travel partner you need a valid service dog letter.

Assistance Dog:
The term “Assistance Dog or Service Dog” is usually been used in the United States. ‘Assistance Dogs’ are also known as “Service Dog”, who is considered to provide services. Now the question may arise – what kind of service?Dogs have been trained to assist a specially-able person, so that, that individual person can lead a more independent life.
In the United States of America, Americans with Disabilities Act, known as “ADA”, a “Service Dog” term means a well-trained dog that does or performsfor a person with a disability. Most commonly used breeds trained for these services are–Labradors, Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherd.
In this process, highly skilled dogs are been used by the clients for rehabilitation. These dogs are specialized to work with clients with PTSD and other psychological disorders. It includes persons with autism, mobility impairment, sensory issues like blindness, hearing impairment, epilepsy, diabetes detection, and some other medical alerts.
Emotional Support Animal Letter (ESA):
An ESA is such a kind of letter of a valid prescription written by any mental health professional, which makes the person eligible to live and travel with his /her well-behaved pet. As the licensed ESA issued by the professional, that letter grants the person with the right and privileges of living and traveling with the pet as “Service Dog” under the protection of Federal Law. So these kinds of prescribed letters are also known as “Service Dog Letter”.
As Service Dogs are well trained, they become a very loyal friend as well as a good support system for the master. They support Disable persons, both physically as well as mentally. They serve as a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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